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The latest cataract surgery uses the CATALYS® Laser System

By editor
March 23, 2017

Every eye has a unique size and shape. The CATALYS® Laser System's advanced 3D imaging technology builds a3D map of each eye and tailors the treatment to that map. This enables Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute surgeons to create a customized treatment plan that matches the uniqueness of each eye. This treatment plan is then ... read more

Should I have cataract surgery?

By editor
August 11, 2014

Considering cataract surgery might stir up a few questions for you. So listen to what Joe B. of Louisville had to say about his cataract surgery experience at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute in Louisville. Click here for Joe's testimonial You, or someone you know may have other questions, so now would be a good time to ... read more

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome? What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

By editor
March 7, 2017

[caption id="attachment_2622" align="alignright" width="170"] Dr. David W. Karp, MD[/caption] Problematic dry eyes are one of the most common problems reported to eye doctors. Dry eyes can result from either a decrease in the amount of tear production or the quality or composition of the tears produced. According to Dr. David Karp, M.D. of Koby Karp ... read more

Eye allergies and itchy eyes

By editor
March 7, 2017

When the camera shows the crowd at every sporting event lots of fans holds up the "number one" sign. Almost everyone wants to be number one. But sometimes being number one is not a good thing.  I recently read that the Louisville area was the top "Allergy Hot Spot" in America. This comes as no surprise to ... read more

How $495 LASIK becomes bait and switch.

By editor
October 18, 2016

  [caption id="attachment_2430" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Dr. David W. Karp"][/caption] Often, one of the first questions we get asked about LASIK surgery is, "How much does it cost?" That may be why we keep seeing ads offering $495 or even $695 LASIK surgery. It's hard to believe they still run them, but they do. And you may have thought ... read more

Best Cosmetic Eye Surgery

By editor
September 19, 2016

As you may know, Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute has long been among Louisville and Kentucky leaders in eye care. I became a part of Doctors Eye Institute in 2006 and have been performing cosmetic eyelid procedures and eye surgery for our patients since. In this article I would like to discuss and share with ... read more

Why do new patients come to us?

By editor
September 15, 2016

A few weeks ago we had a roundtable discussion regarding the number of new patients we have attracted in the past year. Eventually, the discussion led to the question, "what actually causes  new patients to come to us?" Obviously some of our regular patients recommend us to friends and family members. Every practice gets those type of referrals ... read more

Clear Lens Extraction

By editor
August 30, 2016

Some patients may not be good candidates for Laser Vision Correction to reduce their need for glasses and contact lenses. It could be that the cornea isn’t the correct shape or thickness or the attempted correction is too great to do with laser on the cornea. Some people have early cataracts in the 50’s and ... read more

Will I still have to wear glasses after cataract surgery?

By editor
April 19, 2016

Vision correction after Cataract Surgery is typically achieved through the implantation of a permanent artificial intraocular lens. The implanted lens replaces the clouded lens which is known as a cataract. In most cases, those patients who have the traditional or monofocal type lens implanted will likely need glasses for reading or close up work. And ... read more

How will I know when it is time for my cataracts to be removed?

By editor
April 5, 2016

It is time to consider surgery for cataracts when your daily visual needs require it. Your decision should be based on whether or not you can see to do your job, drive safely and engage in such activities as reading and watching TV in comfort. Can you see well enough to perform daily tasks such ... read more

Welcome to our Family

By editor
March 22, 2016

Family attitude, family values. Some families do it a lot better than others do. They welcome new members in a way that makes them glad to be included. Then they continue to make the outsiders feel even more like insiders as time passes. Very nice. We believe our family of doctors and staff does exactly ... read more