Eye Exams

Why do new patients come to us?

By editor
September 15, 2016

A few weeks ago we had a roundtable discussion regarding the number of new patients we have attracted in the past year. Eventually, the discussion led to the question, "what actually causes  new patients to come to us?" Obviously some of our regular patients recommend us to friends and family members. Every practice gets those type of referrals ... read more

How often should I come in for an eye exam?

By editor
January 17, 2016

This is a question we get asked a lot, especially by folks who have no idea if they should wait until they have a problem before having their vision checked. It is also a question that is asked by people who have come in occasionally over the years for solutions to specific vision problems. Many ... read more

How Diabetes can be detected in an eye exam

By editor
November 19, 2015

November is Diabetes Awareness Month I see patients every day for diabetic eye exams. It is great that they are coming in for these exams, but I find that most of them don’t understand WHY they need yearly eye exams. High blood sugar weakens the smallest blood vessels in our body (capillaries) by weakening the ... read more