Why do new patients come to us?

By editor
September 15, 2016

A few weeks ago we had a roundtable discussion regarding the number of new patients we have attracted in the past year. Eventually, the discussion led to the question, "what actually causes  new patients to come to us?"

Obviously some of our regular patients recommend us to friends and family members. Every practice gets those type of referrals in addition to those that come from other doctors.

But what else was bringing them in? It was suggested that our TV advertising had to be at least a part of the reason we were seeing a lot of new pairs of eyes. Then someone else said that our Facebook page was reaching a lot of new people. Another mentioned that both our terrific new website and mobile website could be helping our cause. Yet another said that having all those great testimonials on our YouTube page might be helping to convince site visitors to call for information about LASIK or Cataract surgery or particular eye conditions, eventually leading to appointments.

Finally, someone (who will not be named here) piped up and said, "no, it's obvious that the reason we have so many new patients is because our doctors are so awesomely good looking and exceedingly brilliant beyond compare that …" Before that person could finish (he/she) was summarily pelted with a barrage of paper wads and spitballs.

We hope that new patients come to us because they've heard that they can trust us to deliver the finest eye care available. But whatever the reason, our goal is to deliver the most effective eye care treatments and the latest surgical procedures, so that they will trust us just as much as patients who have been coming to Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute for over 38 years.

Connie L. Meredith, MD

Eye Exams


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