Neuro Ophthalmology

Neuro ophthalmology service provides a highly specialized care to patients with eye diseases which are related to various neurologic problems. Typical neuro ophthalmology problems include unexplained vision loss, loss of peripheral vision, double vision, abnormal eye movements and disorders of the eye pupil. These abnormalities could be a result of brain tumor, stroke, diabetes, arterial hypertension, multiple sclerosis or other neurologic conditions.

Below are some of the profiles of neuro-ophthalmology patients who were diagnosed and treated at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute.

  • A 72 year old man with an unexplained progressive vision loss - His exam demonstrated a swollen optic nerve and an MRI of optic nerve revealed a small tumor of the nerve. He was treated by radiation which halted the progression of vision loss.
  • A 52 year old man with a gradual loss of peripheral vision - This was found to be due to a brain tumor which was successfully treated by a combination of surgery and radiation treatment.
  • A 32 year old women with recent severe headaches and intermittent visual obscurations - She had a history of a recent significant weight gain. The patient was found to have an increased pressure of cerebrospinal fluid and was effectively treated with a combination exercise/weight loss program and diuretic treatment.
  • An 85 year old man with a recent history of new onset headaches and visual obscurations and occasional double vision - He was diagnosed with inflammatory disease of the arteries altering blood flow to the head. He was treated with oral steroids resulting in resolution of the symptoms.

To schedule a consultation please call Doctors Eye Institute at (502) 897-1604. Please have with you all relevant medical records, visual field test results, MRI or CT scan results and films when available.

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