Koby Karp mobile website for your smarty-pants phone

By editor
July 13, 2015

Amazing, isn't it? This smart phone actually took its own 'selfie" of itself taking a selfie! We're not going to tell you how it did it, but suffice it to say, it is one of the smarter smart phones available.

smarty-pants phone

All that was done to draw your attention to the fact that Koby Karp has its new mobile site up and running. So now you can get an easy-to-use version of our new website on your smart phone. You see, we know that more people are using smartphones to do internet searches that ever before. But that's not all…

We also have a very active Facebook page, a Youtube page, a Twitter site and a Google+ page …all the hipster Social stuff that you couldn't possibly live without. And we know that you are using your smart phone for these things, too!

One thing even better than all that is that Koby Karp continues to deliver the best in eye care, the latest techniques in LASIK and cataract surgery, expert comprehensive eye exams and all the newest treatments for glaucoma, dry eye and many other eye conditions. Please visit our new website to learn more….www.doctorseyeinstitute.net.

One more thing about the smart phone in the picture. Now that it has learned to take its own "selfies", it really thinks it is a smarty-pants. And yes, you guessed it, they are square pants. Class dismissed.



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