What I like most about LASIK surgery

By editor
September 14, 2015

Connie L. Meredith, MD

The technical side and the personal side.

There's no question that LASIK surgery is now better than ever. Due to the newest innovations that improve the accuracy of the laser, the precision in removing microscopic layers of the cornea has made advances even better to improve visual outcome. That's the technical part that I appreciate.

But on the personal side, what I mostly enjoy is my patient's reaction to being able to see so well for the first time in a long time, or better yet, the first time ever!

And I love the ease and convenience for patients because of the very short time it takes to complete the procedure. Usually it's as little as ten minutes per eye!

Of course I also enjoy experiencing the reactions of my patients during the follow-up visits. The stories they tell, the elation and enthusiasm they demonstrate. It dramatically changes their lives.

As a physician, healing and helping people carries the special rewards of human interaction and sincere appreciation. Those can make for a very pleasing and most satisfying end of the day for me.

Yes, LASIK surgery truly is one of the wonders of modern medical eye treatment. For me, it's a way I can help change lives for the better and add a new dimension to peoples' outlook on life. It makes them feel good and makes their lives easier.

I love just about everything LASIK. I love performing the procedure, understanding and appreciating its intricacies and I enjoy my patients' reactions. LASIK never gets old, never seems routine. It is truly a miracle of modern medicine.

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