April, 2014

How long to develop cataracts? How long to remove cataracts?

By editor
April 30, 2014

When it comes to Cataracts, we understand that patients are anxious to get results quickly and painlessly so we'll answer the "how long" questions here. How long does it take for cataracts to develop? The rate of development can vary among individuals and may also be different between the two eyes. Most age-related cataracts can ... read more

Sunglasses not just for looking cool.

By editor
April 28, 2014

Besides making you look super cool, can sunglasses really make a difference in both your vision and your eye health? The answer can depend on what kind of lenses are in the sunglasses you wear. If the lenses offer maximum protection from dangerous Ultra violet rays, then the answer is yes! But let's examine the ... read more

Jill's LASIK experience in Louisville

By editor
April 24, 2014

Thinking about LASIK? It may be helpful for you to see some video testimonials of others who have had LASIK. Listen to Jill tell of her pre-LASIK condition and her wonderful outcome. Then, you can go to our Koby Karp YouTube page and view other testimonials that relate to other patients' individual visual situations before ... read more