Itchy Eyes

Welcome to our Family

By editor
January 22, 2021

Family attitude, family values. Some families do it a lot better than others do. They welcome new members in a way that makes them glad to be included. Then they continue to make the outsiders feel even more like insiders as time passes. Very nice. We believe our family of doctors and staff does exactly ... read more

Eye allergies and itchy eyes

By editor
June 26, 2019

Almost everyone wants to be number one. But sometimes being number one is not a good thing.  It has been reported that the Louisville area is the top "Allergy Hot Spot" in America. So, here are some ways that you can help reduce the amount your eyes itch. 1) Don't sleep in your contacts!  If the ... read more

Best Eye Drops to Help Your Dry Eyes

By editor
June 27, 2017

Dry eyes can happen for many reasons.  Occasional moderate dryness can be helped by simply applying artificial tears as the need arises.  Systane and Refresh Optive are 2 great brands of over the counter eye drops that can help temporarily alleviate dry eye symptoms. More persistent dry eye symptoms can be helped by using drops ... read more