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Dr. Hoffman named "Top Doc" Again!

Congratulations to our own Dr. Scott Hoffman for being selected by his peers for the Louisville Magazine 2017 "Top Docs Award". Dr. Hoffman also won this prestigious award in 2016.

The award is based on the results of a survey of local Louisville area doctors. To rate the physicians, Louisville Magazine arranged for questionnaires to be mailed to the 2,000-plus members of the Greater Louisville Medical Society. The survey asked: "If you or a member of your family were in need of medical care or treatment, who among the Louisville area doctors would you choose to provide medical care in the following specialties?" Specialties included the Ophthalmology category for which Dr. Hoffman was voted one of the Louisville Area's "Top Docs"!

Again, congratulations from the Doctors and staff of Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute to Dr. R. Scott Hoffman!

Congratulations are in order

Dr. Hoffman

Congratulations to our own Dr. Scott Hoffman for making The Louisville Magazine list of "Top Cataract Surgeons". The list is voted on by Louisville physicians in many categories. Dr. Hoffman was listed one of the top six cataract surgeons in the Louisville area.

Dr. Hoffman feels very honored to have been chosen for this distinction by his peers. "That's a nice compliment" he said. "I believe that this community is fortunate to have so many excellent medical professionals and it is an honor to be recognized by them."

DEI Doctors make LASIK available to almost everyone.

The Doctors at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute have discovered the perfect way to make the LASIK procedure available to a wider spectrum of people in the Louisville/Kentuckiana area. They are calling it the LASIK Super Plan

In the past, LASIK was performed mostly on people who had no problem affording it. But now, by offering a 20% discount coupon coupled with a 24 month, no- interest finance plan, the doctors at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute can now offer the complete LASIK procedure for only $105 per month with only a small 10% down payment.

This means that more and more people who could not afford LASIK in the past will now have this alternate LASIK Super- Plan option.

"We're excited that so many people are taking advantage of this new option," stated Dr. David Karp. This means that so many patients who could not afford LASIK in the past, can now enjoy freedom from glasses and contact lenses."

The Doctors at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute are inviting all those who are considering LASIK to come in for a free LASIK evaluation to find out if they are suitable candidates for the LASIK or PRK procedure. Dr. Karp also said, "If they'll call us at (502) 897-1604 we can set up a consultation appointment for them."

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"What are the latest advances in Glaucoma treatments?"

Two things: New medications and the newer laser procedures. The new medications are easier to use. The latest laser procedures for glaucoma are very effective and in many cases they can reduce or eliminate the need for medications.

"What are the advantages to the glaucoma patient?"

These advances can reduce the requirement for medication thereby saving the patient money. Newer laser procedures can make difficult cases much easier to treat.

"What's the most exciting advance in Cataract Surgery so far?"

2.2 mm micro-incisions and the Multi-focal lens implants such as ReSTOR and CRYSTALENS

"What does that mean to the Cataract patient?"

Smaller incisions for cataract surgery means shorter healing time and more rapid vision recovery for most patients. 2.2 mm micro incisions with new ultrasound equipment for cataract surgery may also reduce the chance of rare but serious infections.

The new Multi-focal lens implants allow patients who are good candidates the opportunity to enjoy good distance and reading vision with minimal or no need for glasses following the cataract procedure.
- R. Scott Hoffman, M.D.

"What is the most exciting advance in Cosmetic Eye Procedures so far?"

The introduction of Botox® injections, as well as very safe injectable gels such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®, has provided very effective tools to help patients who seek to smooth out wrinkles and folds on the face instantly.

"What does that mean to the patient?"

Now our patients can have dramatic and immediate correction of facial imperfections as well as lip augmentation without surgery. The effect lasts for months.

The injections produce minimal discomfort and are performed in the office. Affordability and reversibility of the effect are other major advantages over surgical procedures. We offer free consultation to those interested in using these very effective procedures to improve their appearance.

"What is the most exciting advance in Contact Lenses so far?"

Silicone Hydrogel lens material for contact lenses. This allows up to 8 times more oxygen through the lenses than previous lens materials.

"What does that mean to the contact lens wearer?"

Throughout the course of the day you get significantly more oxygen to the cornea often translating into a more comfortable wearing experience with less end-of-the-day dryness and redness. Our patients love them!
- Christopher Stroud, O.D.