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At Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute our patients enjoy a very customized, safety oriented approach to LASIK preoperative evaluations and a high rate of satisfaction with their postoperative results.

LASIK is a form of laser vision correction to reduce refractive errors and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses. The eye cornea is reshaped by a precise amount using the Excimer laser.

Dr. David W. Karp

An Excimer laser is a concentrated beam of cool light that can be precisely focused to remove a precise amount of tissue. A thin flap of corneal tissue is created first. Previously, the corneal flap during LASIK was originally made with a special blade, however, more advanced and safe technology creates a corneal flap using IntraLase, which is a special type of laser designed to further increase the patient's safety. Doctor Karp only performs "bladeless" or "all laser" LASIK by using IntraLase for corneal flap creation.

Koby Karp now performs LASIK at U of L Medical Center East.

Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute is now offering our patients LASIK and Refractive Surgery at The Laser Eye Center at U of L Medical Center East, located at 3920 Dutchmans Lane, right around the corner from our offices.

This new Laser Eye Center features both an excimer and a femtosecond laser. These state-of-the-art lasers employ the latest technology in LASIK and PRK procedures to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism along with other disorders of the eye.

Our new partnership with U of L Health allows us to deliver to our patients the absolute best LASIK and Refractive surgery available today. It helps us maintain our promise of helping you see the best you can possibly see.

Call 502.897.1604 today to set up a free LASIK consultation.

What to expect on the day of LASIK

During the actual procedure, the patient is awake, and the eye is numbed with eye drops. Specific refractive information is entered into the computer and the tissue depth and pattern are calculated. During the treatment, the eye is centered as the patient focuses on a small light. The laser then delivers a programmed number of overlapping light pulses, each pulse removing a microscopic layer of the cornea.


The doctor will check your eyes the following day. There are two or three additional follow up visits in the next several weeks. All of your post operative visits are included in the original LASIK fee. Although the vision may be somewhat blurry at first, it should start to clear up in less than 24 hours. We expect maximum improvement in vision in about one month after LASIK. It is important to use the eye drops as directed and to follow a few instructions.

What are the potential risks of LASIK?

No surgical procedures are without some potential risks. Laser vision correction is no exception. Sight-threatening complications such as complete or partial loss of vision from LASIK surgery are extremely rare and may side effects and laser eye surgery complications can be resolved with additional surgery or medical treatment. There is a possibility of over correction or under correction, depending on the healing properties of the cornea Therefore "enhancement" - an additional corrective laser procedure - is necessary about 5% of the time.


Some people experience glare or halos around lights, which, if present, almost always is short lived. Dry eyes has been reported among LASIK patients. This is usually temporary, lasting several weeks to months. Eye drops are usually sufficient to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes following laser vision correction.

LASIK involves the formation of a corneal flap, thus there are some risks associated with this anatomic change. Rarely, inflammation can develop within the flap space, requiring treatment with frequent drops or the flap may heal abnormally, requiring repositioning.

PRK in Louisville

PRK is a similar procedure to LASIK. Unlike LASIK, it does not require making a corneal flap. As a result, PRK is a little faster (10 minutes per procedure for both eyes versus 20 minutes with LASIK). PRK is even safer than LASIK since, by not creating a corneal flap, there is no possibility of flap related complications. While both PRK and LASIK are usually quite easy and comfortable during the procedure, PRK (unlike LASIK) does produce a degree of eye discomfort in the following 2-3 days as the eyes heal. It also takes longer after PRK to reach the best visual performance post procedure - a few weeks for PRK versus a few days for LASIK. As a result, about 80% of patients choose LASIK due to its faster visual recovery. About 20% of patients favor PRK due to its slightly superior safety profile.

At Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute we offer both LASIK and PRK to our patients. Doctors Karp will discuss various aspects of the two procedures in order to help you choose the type of laser vision correction which best fits your needs.


Due to presbyopia, (loss of ability to read without additional optical correction), patients over 40 who choose the refractive surgery to improve their distance vision will probably require glasses for reading. However, LASIK may be used to correct one eye for distance and leave the other eye slightly nearsighted for reading. The result is called monovision.

Refractive surgery techniques have corrected or improved the vision of hundreds of thousands of people. "Perfect vision" cannot be guaranteed however, and some people are better off staying with corrective lenses. If you are interested in improving your vision without glasses or contacts, a discussion with Dr. Karp and an eye examination will help you decide if refractive surgery is right for you.

FREE Consultation and Evaluation.

Louisville, KY LASIK - with Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute!

Call us for a FREE consultation appointment! If you've already read the information about LASIK on this website and want to know if you are a suitable candidate for LASIK, make an appointment for a free LASIK evaluation with Dr. Kar. It's free and you are under no obligation. Call 502.897.1604 or 1-800-777-4393.

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Three No-Interest Financing Plans for LASIK

LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery financing in Louisville is so easy thanks to Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute now offering no-interest financing for 12 months, 18 months or 24 months on LASIK and other refractive procedures. You can also use your Flex Plan in combination with this financing offer to pay for your procedure.

Call our Financial Department representative at 502.896-2064 for complete details.

LASIK Surgery Enhancement Guarantee

At Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute we want our patients to be completely confident that we will render the best possible corrective eye surgery available including the appropriate follow up. That's why we offer our Enhancement Guarantee. Our doctors or a member of our staff will be happy to give you complete details.

LASIK Testimonial

The reason I chose Koby Karp is because of my long term relationship with them. The internet ads did help educate me and increase my comfort level to go ahead with the surgery. And the coupon and Care Credit financing sealed the deal.

I am so happy I had LASIK and have recommended to at least 5 people to have it at Koby Karp. Very professional from start to finish. T.H.- Louisville

LASIK Procedure Explained

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